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Our company was originally founded in January 1981 as LHG - Laborgeräte Handelsgesellschaft mbH.                                                                                                After a merger, we renamed ourselves  2004  as

                 SCHOBER Laborgeräte & Umweltanalytik KG

The company  is dealing with all kinds of Laboratory Equipment, but our  specialisation for the past  25 years is complete laboratory solutions including installation and after - sales service. These so-called package deals are exported all over the world.

Excerpt from our Reference List:

Bandar Imam / Iran

Al Kharj / Saudi Arabia

El Adlia / Egypt

WWTP Baraki / Algeria

Zao Zhuang / China

AGRANA Fruit Serpuchov / Russia

AGRANA Fruit Vinnitsa / Ukraine

Municipality Krivogastani / Macedonia




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